SERN - Sudbury Education Resource Network

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Telephone: 877-637-2154
Address: P.O. Box 656
Sudbury MA 01776

SERN's mission is to support Sudbury model schools and to expand understanding of the Sudbury model of education. While recognizing the unique nature of each of the school communities who choose to be Sudbury model schools, SERN seeks to network and express the commonality of these schools. Through Perspectives on Sudbury Education, establishment and maintenance of this web site, and ongoing projects we link schools who choose to be a part of this movement without infringing on their rights or initiative. SERN is committed to the basic tenets of the Sudbury model, freedom and democracy.

SERN will host a simple web page for free for any Sudbury model school or start-up group.

SERN is an independent organization which is neither sponsored by nor under the auspices of any Sudbury model school.

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Montag, 18. Februar 2002

Eine AlternativeSchule in voller Schüler-Selbstverwaltung. Die Schüler regeln selbst nicht nur Art und Umfang ihres Lernens sondern sind auch selbst die Arbeitsgeber der Lehrer.