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Eine P2P Gesellschaft ist nicht hierarchisch, sondern als Netzwerk organisiert.


The idea of peer-to-Peer ("P2P") is emerging to mark a new step toward future evolution of the Internet. The first step was the advent of "email", the second was "WWW", then the third is "P2P." It is epoch-making that P2P is not only a new type of useful application, but also adds value of the network, shaping future direction of the networked society. This could be expressed in Apollo-11 way: "P2P is one small step for a user, one giant leap for the Internet."


The Third Phase - Smart P2P Society: More optimized autonomous and distributed society where new social units can mutually publish, exchange, and share of information using P2P communication infrastructure. Autonomous consumers take major initiatives in distributing resources for optimized production. (Network of new distribution of social resources)


If we compare the relationship of Mainframe/Dumb Terminal system to absolute monarchy, Server/Client system to representative democracy, and P2P to direct democracy. In 20th century nation-states have been the major players without doubt, but now they are becoming local authority according to globalization and empowerment of the people. In 21st century, the functions of nation, market and community including people will share to play each unique role with having some tensions and vicissitudes among them.


InfoAnarchy und InfoAnarchyWiki

The Circle is an open source scalable decentralized peer to peer application. What does that mean? Well, there's no central authority running the show. No entry taxes either, no one booting you off the network, and (in theory) no weak point which can break the whole system. No one even owns the source code. As long as there's one Circle peer running, anywhere in the world, there's still a network. (teilweise finanziert durch TheRationalStreetPerformerProtocol)

The Rational Street Performer Protocol plus the Circle plus a Circle-style network routing protocol would give you something quite interesting. You would have a system that replaces large slabs of our current society and system of government. It would be a system that allows people to communicate and share resources in aid of common goals. What's more, it would yield a society that is both flat (all people are equal) and scalable.

Kademlia: A Peer-to-peer Information System Based on the XOR Metric

Gesucht ist ein (P2P :-)Tool um die P2PGesellschaft aufzubauen. Sowas nennt sich auch SocialSoftware.


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Text und Projekte mit Bezug zur P2PGesellschaft

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Donnerstag, 6. Mrz 2008

Christian Siefkes: Autor des Buches »From Exchange to Contributions«, Web: peerconomy.org

Dienstag, 25. April 2006

Michael Bauwens untersucht Entwicklung und Möglickkeiten einer P2P-Gesellschaft. Er lebt in Thailand.

Dienstag, 17. April 2001

Peer to Peer ist ein Begriff aus der Computertechnik, der hier im CoForum auch für die charakterisierung von Beziehungsgeflechten oder Strukturierung von Gesellschaft benutzt wird. Gemeint ist eine Kooperation unter Gleichen, d.h. alle Beteiligten (Menschen/Computer) sind gleichzeit Anbieter und Nutznießer (siehe auch Prosumer).

Peer-to-Peer-Netze sind somit nicht hierarchisch und schwer zu kontrollieren.

Die beste (englischsprachige) Online-Ressource zur gesellschaftlichen Dimension von P2P ist die von Michel Bauwens gegründete P2P foundation.

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