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Adresse: Sands School
48 East School
Ashburton, Devon, TQ13 7AX
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1364 653 666


We believe that everyone should be treated equally, be happy, and have access to good education. At Sands, no-one has more power than anyone else, the teachers and students are equal, and there is no headteacher. We try to get rid of all the petty rules, making room for everyone to be happy and free to express themselves in whatever way they feel. The school is democratic, with everyone having their say and equal vote in the weekly school meeting to which everyone may attend (and most do!).

Camp 2010

This year the school meeting decided that school camp will be in Cornwall. It’s a lovely place to visit, easy to get to, and by far the cheapest of camps we could make worthwhile. We have a campsite in mind but are looking into other possibilities – it’s likely to be somewhere around the Lizard. If parents are willing to drive a few students each in their cars we could keep the total cost of the camp to as little as £100! If we need to hire a coach it would add around £30 to the cost. With it being such a cheap camp parents might wish to give their children a small budget for activities such as surfing and kayaking which are available very close, as well as many other fun things.

None of this is confirmed yet, and prices are estimates. The camp usually takes place in the last week of term in the Summer, and the likely dates are 30th June to 7th July (Wednesday – Wednesday). The price will include camping, food, and if needed the transport.

As we have more information we will publish it, but in the meantime see if you can put aside £100 and then you won’t have to put much with it when the time comes to pay up!

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Donnerstag, 28. Mrz 2002

Ein Buch über AlternativeSchulen von David Gribble

Zwei Jahre lang bereiste David Gribble in der ganzen Welt Schulen mit alternativem Ansätzen – Schulen, bei denen der Respekt vor jedem einzelnen Kind im Mittelpunkt steht. Das Ergebnis seiner Reise ist dies außerordentlich ermutigende und inspirierende Buch.