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Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2006

Welche Strategien der materiellen Selbstversorgung und persönlicher Autonomie gibt es ?

Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2006

Samstag, 20. Mai 2006


You need support (money, material ...) to do your work. You do not want to restrict your work by creating artificial scarcity to force people to support you.


Ask publicly for support and publish incomming revenues.

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2005

Fundable is a new service that lets groups of people pool money to raise funds or make purchases.

Donnerstag, 14. April 2005

Donorge is a community driven service dedicated towards giving and receiving money and goods. The motivation behind the open development of Donorge is to help support and increase the effect of donations made towards interests, needs, ideas and organization, either localized or connected around the world.

DonOrge erarbeitet Module für Drupal, die Spenden verwalten.

Freitag, 25. Juni 2004

Leitfaden für gemeinschaftliche Wohnprojekte