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Arno Gruen was born in Berlin in 1923. He emigrated in 1936 with his parents to the United States. Studied psychology in New York attaining a Doctorate in 1961 as a Psychoanalist under Theodor Reik. Activities at different universities and hospitals, professorship of psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He last led the psychology department of a psychatric clinic in Harlem. In 1979 he returned to Europe and now lives in Zurich, where he still practices psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. He has written extensively about the struggle to maintain self and empathy in a civilization out to undo both. Two of his books on this issue have appeared in English: The Betrayal of the Self (Grove, 1988) and The Insanity of Normality: Realism as Sickness (Grove, 1992). He was teacher at the Institut fur Lerntherapie (Institute for Learning Therapy) in Schaffhausen.

In the autumn of 2001 he was honored for his book Der Fremde in uns (The Stranger Within Us)with the Geschwister-Scholl price. His most recent book appeared in 2003 Verratene Liebe - Falsche Götter (Betrayed Love/False Gods) In his books Arno Gruen argues again and again the question of how the collective illusion in individuals can lead to blind obedience, cruelty and hate.

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Dr. Gruen has recently provided a draft of his upcoming article: "Mother-Child Attachment, Neanderthal and Consciousness: A Quest for Paradigmatic Change." The paper will appear in the December 2004/January 2005 issue Of Mind and Human Interaction, a publication of the University of Virginia; and hopefully will be on line here soon after.

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Dr. Arno Gruen’s books have been translated into 14 languages

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Biographic data

Biography: Born 1923, Berlin, Germany. USA 1936. Ph.D. 1952, New York University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Diplomate American Board of Clinical Psychology. Senior Psychoanalyst, N.P.A.P.. Editorial Board Psychoanalytic Review. Coordinator of clinical Psychology, Northside Center for Child Development. Research Associate in Neurology, Cornell University Medical College. Consultant in Psychiatry, Maimonides Hospital Center. Visiting Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University. Faculty, Institut fur Lerntherapie, Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Private Practice since 1956 - since I978 in Switzerland. US Army, 1943-1946.

Publications - (in English journals): International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalytic Review, American Journal of Psychiatry, Archives of Neurology, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Psychological Monographs, Journal of Psychohistory, and others.

Books: Der Verrat am Selbst, dtv (The Betrayal of the Self, Dover - was in Eng.); Der Wahnsinn der Normalitãt, dtv (The Insanity of Normalcy, Grove - was in Eng.); Falsche Gotter, Econ; Der Verlust des Mitgefuhls (The Loss of Compassion), dtv; Fin Früher Abschied: Objektbeziehungen und psychosomatische Hintergründe beim Plötzlichen Kindstod (A Study of SID), Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht; Der Fremde in uns (The Stranger within), Klett-Cotta ( received the Geschwister Scholl-Preis of the City of München in 2001); Der Kampf um die Demokratie: Der Fxtremismus, die Gewalt und der Terror (The Struggle for Democracy: extremism, violence and terror) Klett-Cotta; Verratene Liebe/ Falsche Gotter (Betrayed Love/False Gods) Klett-Cotta; Hass in der Seele (Hatred in the Soul, with D. Weber) Herder. Arno Gruen’s books have been translated into 14 languages.


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