Liberal Communism

Version 6, am 1.5.2007 22:11

If any of you know French, I've been reading a strange but interesting book lately, from Dominique Pelbois, it's called Liberal Communism and the result of a lifelong inquiry into alternatives to the current system. It pertains to this discussion in that he sees the possibility of a society that does not operate around profit, has no capital, etc.. It would be based on entrerprises that would only have current accounts, from their customers, and the salaries, and would be co-owned by both parties. The differential between income and salaries is used for future investments. As usual with utopian proposals it all depends on convincing people and therefore seems irrealistic.

By making the clients the majority owners of the entreprises (and the income derived from them is by definition higher than the salaries), he proposes a mode of governance which has a priority outside itself, yes has to negotiate with the workers owners as well. In this system there is no external market, but the market is internalized through the client owners in a endless chain which allows for cooperative planning.