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Mailinglists are somehow like a black hole. You throw something in, but do not know much about what is going on with all the people, which do not answer.

To learn something about a mailinglist you care about, do a social PING. Send this message to it:


This is a social PING. If you care about this mailinglist, just reply. Everybody will be able to see:

  • how many people care

  • how long it takes to get responses from them

Do not comment, just reply.

Thank You, Your Name here

You will learn about your network.

Is anybody aware of simmilar social-network measurements ?


I hope to survive the experiment. :-)



replying to the sender instead to the list

nicht aussagekräftig

lange rede kurzer sinn: das experiment ist nicht aussagekrärtig!

Das sehe ich anders. Ich habe explizit nach Menschen gefragt, "that care". Es antworten die, für die das soweit zutrifft, dass sie antworten.

Manche sind "bold enough to show up independently of others". Manche antworten nur zusammen mit anderen.


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