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Neue Seiten im Kontext

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2006

My hope is that you will learn here, how to find every IMAGE, every SOUND and -especially- every SCRIPT or BOOK or SOFTWARE program known to man. As you will learn and understand perusing this side, there is no way anybody can put something on the web and block you from seeing it, given the weaknesses in all security protections actually available. Of course you should respect copyrights, yet you will be quite surprised by the incredible amount of knowledge and sheer information you will be able to gather from those that do not respect them. Keep in mind that a good searcher can develop into a very dangerous fellow, if needs be, since no knowledge known to man can be hidden from him. This notwithstanding, I hope you will strive to remain on the correct path and choose to diffuse knowledge instead of hoarding it. Believe me: you'll gain more than anybody else from this approach.