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Michael Bauwens untersucht Entwicklung und Möglickkeiten einer P2P-Gesellschaft. Er lebt in Thailand.


My name is Michel Bauwens, 47, and I'm living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I teach and devote time to research on P2P, through my newsletter, and through my manuscript (book in progress), which is posted on this site, or in a shorter earlier version.

I'm a Belgian national, and before my move to Thailand I was active as a 'dotcom entrepreneur' as well as ebusiness strategy director for Belgium's largest telco, Belgacom.

It is my aim to develop a 'P2P Theory' which adequatly describes and explains current trends, to propose, in dialogue with others, sustainable strategies for political and social change, i.e. to achieve a 'commons-based society' that can operate within a reformed market and state.

This 'virtual' foundation is my attempt to link up with others, and to develop a resource that can be of use to a commons movement, along with the many fine resources already developed by others. However, I devote most of my energy today to the newsletter and manuscript, so any assistance would be great appreciated.

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Montag, 4. September 2006

Via chox: Interview mit Michael Bouwens.

Darin schildert er seine persönliche Entwicklung und Erfahrung und waruim er in Thailand gelandet ist.

Eine schöne Passage ist die folgende:

Montag, 2. Januar 2006

If any of you know French, I've been reading a strange but interesting book lately, from Dominique Pelbois, it's called Liberal Communism and the result of a lifelong inquiry into alternatives to the current system. It pertains to this discussion in that he sees the possibility of a society that does not operate around profit, has no capital, etc.. It would be based on entrerprises that would only have current accounts, from their customers, and the salaries, and would be co-owned by both parties. The differential between income and salaries is used for future investments. As usual with utopian proposals it all depends on convincing people and therefore seems irrealistic.

Sonntag, 18. Mai 2003

Eine P2P Gesellschaft ist nicht hierarchisch, sondern als Netzwerk organisiert.

Dienstag, 17. April 2001

Peer to Peer ist ein Begriff aus der Computertechnik, der hier im CoForum auch für die charakterisierung von Beziehungsgeflechten oder Strukturierung von Gesellschaft benutzt wird. Gemeint ist eine Kooperation unter Gleichen, d.h. alle Beteiligten (Menschen/Computer) sind gleichzeit Anbieter und Nutznießer (siehe auch Prosumer).

Peer-to-Peer-Netze sind somit nicht hierarchisch und schwer zu kontrollieren.

Die beste (englischsprachige) Online-Ressource zur gesellschaftlichen Dimension von P2P ist die von Michel Bauwens gegründete P2P foundation.