Arvind Gupta

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Auf seiner Website findet man (unter Toys) eine Sammlung leicht anzufertigen Lernspielzeugs.

Mr. Gupta is an alumnus of IIT, Kanpur - demonstrating his minimalist motor, he quipped during his talk, "I spent five years at this top-class institute studying electrical engineering, and no one ever showed us how you can make a motor yourself!" He worked for a few years at a large engineering company that designed locomotives, but then gave up that career to pursue his interest in science education for children. For about thirty years, Mr. Gupta has been actively engaged in developing creative and imaginative science teaching aids, or 'toys' as he likes to call them, using low-cost and junk material. He has given seminars on how to teach science using such toys in Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden, UK and USA. He has published several books and articles on this topic, and has also translated many children's books into Hindi. Mr. Arvind Gupta's Herculean contribution to science and mathematics education has been recognized in numerous prestigious awards and honors conferred upon him. Yet, in spite of all these achievements, he is an unusually humble person with a very down-to-earth attitude.

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