eGaia, Growing a peaceful, sustainable Earth through communications

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isbn: 0907637248

OnlineBuch von Gary Alexander über den Einsatz von Technologie (CSC) für eine solidarische Ökonomie.


Are these your concerns?

This book is for people who want to see major changes in these areas, who want to be clearer as to what is desirable and what kind of change is possible.

The message

The problems which humanity has created for the natural world and for itself - extinction of species, loss of habitat, damage to agriculture, climate change, wars, hunger, poverty, family and community disintegration and financial instability - are severe enough that the metaphor of a global cancer seems appropriate.

To counter that global cancer, this book sets out a Utopian yet practical agenda for change that harnesses the exciting potential of electronic communication to launch a new era of community regeneration.

It proposes a system of relationships - with the Earth as a living organism, and among the people living in it - that embody principles of collaboration and sustainability. It offers a path to a future with a co-operative free-market economy. It shows how electronic communications can be used so that the driving force of the economy is the health of the environment and the well being of all of humanity rather than money flows.


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