GEMET - GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus

Version 3, am 10.2.2007 08:25

Ein vielsprachiger Thesaurus, der offen nutzbar zu sein scheint. Die Daten werden als Testdaten im OmegaWiki benutzt.

This version of GEMET is an extention of the 2001 version of GEMET. It includes the Chech, Estonian and Polish translations as national contributions and the entire content is embedded in a modern internet application. Definitions are available in English and the Bulgarian, Russian and Slovenian translations are added. The application is browsable through this GUI and it is also available as a webservice for those who want to link it to their application. How to do this is explained under "GEMET web service". The content of GEMET will need quality assurance around various terms over time. This is part of another initiative which is about to provide GEMET as open content in the WIKI set of internet services (Wiktionary ...).

Please take a look at the text below for information on how GEMET was built which will inform you about usage and limitations.

Preface of the 2001 version: For the 6th time since 1996 there is a new edition of GEMET, being the reference vocabulary of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and its Network (EIONET). The present version of the controlled vocabulary provides Bulgarian, Russian and Slovenian as new languages. This could be achieved through the kind co-operation with National Focal points and other expert organisations in these countries. These translations are contribution of the countries to the EEA's workprogramm and have been financed through national funds or with additional funds from outside the EEA scheme. As special remark has to be made regarding the Russian version due to the fact that Russia is not part of EIONET. The translation of GEMET terms into Russian has been funded by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and carried out in the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information within a respective Memorandum of Understanding. The 2001 version of GEMET also incorporates changes provided for the Portuguese and Swedish language. It also sees an inclusion of the Basque (Euskara) language into the ThesShow browser - this inclusion has not been possible in the year 2000 version. The EEA highly appreciates all these contributions. The content of GEMET has not been changed to assure consistency in use between the versions. There are plans to include more European languages in the years to come as well as to perform a thorough evaluation of the content.