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web: Wiki (alter Name) ist ein split-off von HospitalityClub

.. From what I heard, a significant number of HC volunteers were unhappy with how Veit was running hospitalityclub, so they decided to form their own club.

AZARETHROY in CouchSurfing

Die Seite History of BeVolunteer erzählt, wie es zu dem splitt gekommen ist.



I ve got no clue about the software. 5. and 6. of May is the General Assembly in Brussels. There you can ask your questions and there the democratic process will be started.

The wiki isn t public because we are still in Beta and the wiki was set up to coordinate the work of Volunteers. So if you sign up for Volunteering on HCVolunteers you get access to the wiki.


Ich bin gespannt, ob das Projekt auch eine Offenheit und Transparenz zur Öffentlichkeit aufbauen will (Offener Prozess). Zuerst einmal ist das Arbeitswiki ( nicht-öffentlich.

Wird die Software OpenSource ?


It does not even look like the BeVolunteer wiki is open for registration ? ... p;returnto=Main_Page


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" building bridges between hospitality networks + a representative system is not necessarily democratic " ... 1e1aa578ec5cbd?hl=en


extract of reply to Markus - by Dante :

... for some of these former hc volunteers , it looks like it opens up an opportunity to continue interacting and building with each other beyond the limitations they felt within , while maintaining the relations they already built between themselves , and maintaining the culture in which they used to work.

For me , personally , I am not sure if the organizational and decision framework they implemented is one that maximizes opportunities , transparency , and participation ,

but I simply observe them and how they develop themselves , and I also take the initiative to open up an opportunity for dialogue and cross pollination between them and other projects. ( detmold collective : )

They could indeed ( in theory , after the CS crash ) have joined Before that some of the main hc volunteers decided to create their own organizational framework , a few of my friends already decided to move to couchsurfing.