The Appleseed Project

Version 2, toka am 10.3.2007 09:17

The Appleseed Project is an effort to create open source Social Networking software that is based on a distributed model. For instance, a profile on one Appleseed website could "friend" a profile on another Appleseed website, and the two profiles could interact with each other.

Apart from being distributed, Appleseed will also have a strong focus on privacy and security, as well as a commitment to seeing the user as an online citizen, as opposed to a consumer to be targetted. This is in stark contrast to current social networking websites, who rely heavily on ad placement and data mining of their users.

The first goal is to create a codebase for basic interaction, such as creating profiles, creating and participating in message groups, journals and comments, etc.

Eventually, Appleseed will encompass many different aspects, from mail to messaging to journals/blogs to photo uploads and management. A module architecture is also in the works for even greater extensibility.

Development currently uses Object Oriented PHP4, MySQL (InnoDB), XHTML, Javascript, and CSS2. Mozilla/Firefox will be the target platform.