West Marin Commons

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West Marin Commons is dedicated to the practice of community in West Marin, in order to sustain and enrich our social and natural environment. We seek to establish, preserve, and enhance both common spaces and the life that occurs in them; and to create social infrastructure for resource sharing, conservation, and learning.

We are a working and living community. We are not a tourist attraction, a precious jewel box, a "gateway”, or a museum. If people like to visit, that is fine. But it will be because of what we are, not because we are trying to please someone else.

We want to be self-sufficient to the extent possible. We encourage people to produce and buy locally, to share resources, reduce waste and use what we have.

We want especially to encourage local food production, and to enable farmers and ranchers here to thrive.

We want to tread lightly, to use no more than we need, to clean up after ourselves, and to leave no harmful residues that will spoil the place for anyone – or anything – else.

We need cars and trucks, most of us, but we do not want them to dominate our town. We want to calm traffic, create new paths for walking and for bikes, and prevent the town from becoming one big parking lot. We especially need safe paths for children so that they can walk and bike more.

We want more space for the conviviality and informal social interaction that make us a community

We see big changes coming, in regards to energy in particular; and we want to get out ahead of those, and help point the way for others.

We want to keep our traditions and our history, which includes our rough edges. We do not want to be prettified and buttoned down. We do want to encourage an awareness of our history, especially among children; and to record and preserve the local memory of those who have been here for many years.

We want to encourage connection and sharing between generations. This includes shared spaces that old and young can occupy together. Both young and old have needs; perhaps they can help fill these needs for one another.

We value quiet and serenity, and we also appreciate the festive quality of community life. We want to encourage public art, street theater, festivals and music. This includes street closings and diversion of traffic when needed.

We want to include everyone in this work, to the extent that they so desire. We want to reach across boundaries of age, ethnicity, language, occupation and the like. We honor the selfless contributions of individuals and groups in the past and seek to build on those – and to live up to the example that they have set.


West Marin Commons is a self-governing project of the On the Commons (previously named Tomales Bay Institute), which serves as our fiscal agent for purposes of bookkeeping and check writing.

Overall direction of the organization lies in a steering committee of no more than nine members.

Most of the actual work of West Marin Commons takes place through working groups that undertake specific projects. Participants join the working groups of their choice.

Any participant can propose a project to the steering committee for adoption as a project of West Marin Commons.

This structure will be reviewed after the organizational start-up period.

Steering Committee

Founding members: Elizabeth Barnet, Steve Costa, John Gouldthorpe, Ann Sheree Greenbaum, Madeline Hope, Jonathan Rowe.

Current Members: Steve Costa, Randall Fleming, John Gouldthorpe, Gary Ireland, Josh Luftig, Julia Peters, Kay McMahon, Mark Switzer


Founding Co-directors: Elizabeth Barnet and Jonathan Rowe

Current Advisory Board

Jim Campe

Jon Fernandez

Lyons Filmer

Ann Sheree Greenbaum

Sarah Hobson

Rae Levine

Chris Reding

Sim VanderRyn

Ron Wagner

Working Groups and Chairs

Public Space Commons – Randy Fleming and Gary Ireland

Current projects: Land Protection Campaign (R Fleming and R Wagner)

Pathways and Greening – Lyons Filmer

Current projects: Mesa Road Pathway (L Filmer);

Food Forest at Livery Stable (in process)

Public Art, Street Animation, Historical Awareness – Chris Reding, Madeline Hope

Current project: Hand Tile Wall at new toddler playground (Pauline Greenfield, Heather Peters Pratt, Rhonda Kutter)

Physical Resource Sharing – Josh Luftig

Current Project: Local Food System Collaborative (Elizabeth Barnet)

Research and Learning – Randy Fleming

Community Metrics Initiative (R. Fleming, J Campe, B Stephan)


Fundraising – John Gouldthorpe, Kay McMahon, Steve Costa and Gary Ireland

Website and Publications – Josh Luftig

Outreach – Steve Costa, Gary Ireland, Jorge Martinez

Neue Seiten im Kontext

Freitag, 6. Februar 2009

Im März 2008 lud der US-Senatsausschuss für Handel, Wissenschaft und Transport zu einem Hearing mit dem Thema „Neu untersucht: das Brutto- inlandsprodukt als Maß für die Stärke der Nation“. Jonathan Rowe, Direktor der West Marin Commons (eines Gemeinde-Autarkie-Projekts in Kalifornien), trug dabei das folgende Statement vor: