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The AltraQuaze (A-Q) is a french wiki server with alternative views upon Economy.

The principle is that there exists in the Universe, either matter-energy, either information. The empire of matter is conservative, but the empire of information allows us to copy and create with no limit.

So, a XXIth century economy should encourage creativity and mind.

In the beginning, A-Q proposed that every executable program should be freeware, and every data file, personal. There are also some debates concerning the nature of information organizations. Also, A-Q is not limited to economics topics, but also encourages art and litterature (and fun).

A-Q is currently accessible at

Please feel free to send any comments at my e-mail : Some day, I will speak about the NablaCarré project too... Remind me of it !


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Ökonomien, die nicht der gegenseitigen Konkurrenz verpflichtet sind.