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The beginning century will be the one of cognitive sciences and connexionism – at least for the scientific viewpoint.

Economically, we already have all the tools that could yield to a solidary and equitable society (this is one of the goals of socialism). Anyway, the sole pursuit for more profit makes no matter of the needs for "gratifying" work.

The AltraQuaze tries to develop new ways of organizing the production. We want to produce programs that are not only useful "per se", but that can also produce more programs, or produce themselves. This is a new economic project for the following reasons:

  1. it appeals to intelligence of everybody, and any competence can be used, so that everybody has a situation

  2. it increases the productivity in a way that is not destructive for the way of life

  3. it is creative.

For the moment, we try to gather people interested in the collecting of information that could be useful for a large AI linguistic program. I will give some references when our french wikiwiki will function again.


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Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2001

Ökonomien, die nicht der gegenseitigen Konkurrenz verpflichtet sind.