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many concern for the guy mixing the GERMAN and ENGLISH links - well this is a WIKIWIKI - so we allow - but it shows where people are.

First question we ask ourself is "who is this guy", which subject, field, hat category is "his" domain, which "hat" does he wear and does he have a "mandate" or position somewhere? Well my field is no specific or single field.If you want to have some areas I feel connected with or concerned about, I would say: education, policy support, peace, management, dialogue, inter- and trans- subjects, sign- and culture theory, multi-lingual - multi-cultural issues, mediation, dialogue, reconciliation, ... (in this order)(why not see: Benking-in-brief for more - on one page with 12 figures). Some call me "butterfly" or bumblebee, but I am just a bridge-builder, map- and modelmaker, catalyst and facilitator, borderlander, in-betweener, and go-getter/concerned generalist or Knowledge architect/planner/builder - who is looking for commons, shared levels of reality - whcih might help us to develop toars co-creative and more wisely pondered and brought to life (maimeutics) survival actions. Beside my home-home "jum-page" you can still "browse" and dive into earlier homepages "elsewhere": NEW CIVILISATION Network: Ceptual Institute:

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