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On some requests I open here a page where I presnt what is due and planned - waiting on my desk - sometimes crying for action now ! below is only an appetizer or short link - please go to the full page of my schedule and work dues: OnAirAtHorizon


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Homepages in den USA (see Ceptual Institute INTRA SITE links: "SHARING" and the NEWCIV collections - which both are are organized according to the three "legs" of Heiner:

Of all the teachings we receive, this one is most important: Nothing belongs to you of what there is, of what you take, you must share. - Chief Dan George

1. new forms of Dialogue and Mediation and Co-creation


2. additional or extra spaces for situation or knowledge-order schemas, see "Cognitive Panorama"

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habe endlich mal einen URTEXT von mir zu RAUM, VISUALSIERUNG, ETHIK, ... ins web getellt. Schaut mal Springer Scientific 1987: oder [ JONAS; JUNGK, FOUCAULT,.. (siehe zuerst GEBSER |http://benking.de/gebser2001.html]

3. applying the above to be relevant and increase awareness towards shared co-operative action in the direction of positive futures see or have a look at

"A scientist must have the courage, to tackle the large problems of the times, and to advance solutions by innumerable experiments done without critical delay." Otto H. Warburg

"There is no more delicate matter to take in hand, no more dangerous to conduct, no more doubtful of success, than to step up as a leader in the introduction of change. - For he who innovates will have for his enemies all those who are well off under the existing order of things, and only lukewarm support in those who might be better off under the new". - Guess who wrote this (N.M)

TOPPING THE ABOVE: my particular concern is the reception of change in our genuin thinking and reasoning, something Bertrand Russel might have called in "Man's Peril" <newthink> and what we addressed in "Is Humanity destined to self-destruct": and where I found hope in children thinking fresh. My concern is primarily the delay for positive change and good news, I wonder how can we celebrate the above 10. anniversary of the children communiations camp next year (where they got in hours what our friends who do not listen any more - did not get in years - , or should we weep and go back into the desert? - learn more how to be patient, to subsume, and resonnante?

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